Written by admin on September 20, 2016 in MAYDAY-SA

African Aerospace and Defence (AAD) is the biggest international aerospace and defence showcase. It was held again this year during September, at the Waterkloof Airforce base.

Mayday-SA hosted a breakfast on 15 September for almost 60 people. This breakfast was generously sponsored by CAASA. We were very fortunate to have Karl Jensen, a retired SAA test captain, as our main speaker for the morning. Karl captivated the audience by sharing some of his personal experiences and traumas, in and out of the aviation industry.

Karl spoke about the worldwide importance and effectiveness of Pilot Assistance Programs and highlighted some of the typical issues that Mayday-SA addresses on a regular basis. He made the point that pilots are all affected, in one way or another, by the stressful environments that they are faced with on a daily basis, inside and outside of an aircraft.

Karl explained that “Burying feelings and getting on with life”, following a traumatic incident, is a natural response, but that early and appropriate intervention by a trained Mayday-SA peer, could make a significant difference to someone’;s life. He gave a very touching personal example which made the audience think.

Our sponsors and the rest of the audience present, seemed captivated and participated in the Q and A sessions afterwards.

Friday, 16th September was another trading day. The peers that manned the Mayday-SA’s stand for the Friday mingled with aviators and continued to spread the word. Flyers and brochures were handed out.

Saturday and Sunday were open to the public.Unfortunately, bad weather on the Sunday resulted in most events being cancelled.

All in all, yet another successful Mayday SA campaigning event. A heartfelt thanks to all peers who gave up their valuable time to represent Mayday-SA.

Awareness is growing within the aviation industry in leaps and bounds. We could not do this without everyone’s involvement.

Have a great day!

The Mayday-SA AAD team