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ICAO: Promoting, Maintaining & Supporting Mental Well-being in Aviation during the COVID-19 Pandemic

READ MORE HERE: Promoting, Maintaining & Supporting Mental Well-being in Aviation during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Keeping Safe and Healthy over the Holidays

This holiday season will be unprecedented not only due to the social regulations of COVID-19, but also by the financial impact the virus has had on each of us.  For these reasons it is imperative that we focus on keeping ourselves mentally and emotionally healthy over the holidays. READ MORE HERE:  Keeping Safe and Healthy […]

Student Pilot Self-Care: Habits of Effective Pilots

Stephen Covey published the book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in 1989, in which he says that these 7 habits build on each other to create greater personal and interpersonal effectiveness. In this article we have taken each habit, with Covey’s initial description, and reworked it to be applicable to the aviator – be they […]

Webinar: Safety First Aviator: Fatigue Risk Management

The 2020/2021 theme of “Prop Clear”, ensuring that engines are ready for take-off, following the Covid-19 Lockdown. The underlying theme for the campaign is “Resilience”, focused on how we will adapt to the change and the “new normal” to ensure flight safety in preventing accidents. As part of this third installment in the series of […]

Student Pilot Self-Care

Stress takes a toll on your mind and body. When we feel stressed, it is easy to stop doing things that replenish our energy and keep us going through the difficult phases of life. Self-care is the active participation of enhancing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and performance. READ MORE HERE:  Student Pilot […]

Webinar: Returning to Flying: A Pilot’s Guide

Join Paul Dickens for a presentation and discussion on preparing pilots to return safely and effectively to flying post-pandemic – it’s definitely not just a case of turning up for a flight and starting the engines! This webinar is aimed at giving all pilots, whether general aviation, recreational or airline operations, information on how to […]

Depression and Anxiety: The SACAA Mood Disorder Protocol

Whilst your mental health may be daunting to address due to fear of being stigmatised, incurring additional medical expenses and ultimately being grounded, the SACAA’s Mood Disorder Protocol seeks to ensure the longevity of your career in a healthy and manageable way. As aviators our first responsibility is to ensure we are SAFE. As such, […]

Release to Service:  Flying and the Pandemic

It’s been a long period of downtime for many of us and after we’ve gotten over the disappointment of our uniforms being a few sizes too small after the lockdown, we can start looking at what we need to get done in order to get back safely into an aircraft. We are going to have […]

Covid vs The Drag Curve

Generally, as pilots, our resilience is amongst the highest in any profession; it defines us as professional aviators.  However, when we are faced with a situation outside of our control, our brain automatically switches into survival mode, which is commonly referred to as a “normal reaction in an abnormal situation”. READ MORE HERE:  Covid vs […]

Sleep and Stress – the eternal conundrum

The uncertainty in the aviation industry since March has had an impact on our stress levels. When our anxiety and stress levels increase, the quality of our sleep is affected. It is the eternal conundrum – the more tired you are the less you able to cope with stress, and more stressed you become the […]

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