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Coping with Change

As pilots we are trained to handle turbulence, to strap in tight, monitor the thrust, speed and altitude. Perhaps there are similarities between turbulence and handling our own wellbeing and mental health in times of sustained stress and huge uncertainty. READ MORE HERE:  Coping with Change

Reinventing myself: Creating a new flight path

Navigating these uncertain times is difficult – filtering out fake news about COVID-19, understanding the ever-changing regulations, waiting for news about our embattled industry. In this article we try and steer you onto a new flight path when it comes to your career. READ MORE HERE:  Reinventing myself:  Creating a new flight path

Covid-positive – what now?

In this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, we all know of someone who has been positive and had to self-isolate.  But as we as aviators know, things are different for those in the aviation community.  There are regulations that rule our lives.  And Covid-19 is no different.  Read on to find out. READ MORE HERE:  […]

Job loss: what do I do now?

When faced with the loss of your job, and possibly your career, you are faced with a host of emotions, and figuring out the next steps can be a daunting task. Our latest article gives some solid hints and tips for those facing this change in their lives.   READ MORE HERE:  Job loss:  what […]

Career Type Rating Webinar download

Mayday-SA had the pleasure of hosting this Webinar with Cindy Bell of Directions, a Career and Leadership Coach.  Cindy is founder and owner of Directions, which is a company that specialises in assisting people to create new career plans at any stage of their life as well as guide individuals towards personal transformation and reaching […]

What to do when there’s no money left

Even those of us lucky enough to continue receiving an income may find ourselves financially strapped due to the status quo. COVID-19 has had a devastating ripple effect on the global economy and we wish we could do something about that. However, there are some things we shouldn’t be doing… READ MORE HERE:  What to […]

Work Quarantine

Since most governments have started easing lockdown regulations and made the provision for domestic and international business travel, you may find yourself required to undergo quarantine in a specified facility such as a hotel in the near future.  In an attempt to prevent the unknown transmission of the Coronavirus, quarantine is the restriction of movement […]

Controlling our Thoughts

Whether one is back on the flight deck and faced with remaining focused, or struggling to remain positive and focused at home, or trying to prepare for the simulator, controlling our thoughts is crucial at this time.  We cannot control what is happening around us and in aviation at present, but we can control what […]

The Psychology of Uncertainty

Mayday-SA had the pleasure of hosting Captain Laurie Ling, a recently retired British Airways captain and experienced pilot peer supporter, as he talked about ideas and skills that we can draw on to help us navigate through uncertainty and our identity as professionals.  Captain Ling also discussed the personal perspectives of Dr Gill Green, a […]

My Identity as an Aviator

The definition of identity is who you are, they way you think about yourself, the way you are viewed by the world and the characteristics that define you.  An example of identity is a person’s name.  Another example of identity is the traditional characteristics of a South African or more specifically, a South African Aviator. […]

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