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Stress, Anxiety and Depression: Webinar download

Mayday-SA had the pleasure of hosting this Webinar on Stress, Anxiety and Depression with Anjenita Hugo.  Anjenita is a Counselling Psychologist in a private practice for the past 20 years. She has a specialized interest in trauma, ADHD, anxiety and depression disorders.  Relationship therapy between partners as well as parents and their children are an […]

What we can control

The impact on our jobs and daily life due to the drastic changes and the unknown are travelling faster than the coronavirus itself.  One feels one’s heart beating faster as you open the latest communication from your airline or operator.  If your brain doesn’t know what’s around the corner, it can’t keep you out of […]

When we call a Mayday

“The only constant is change” as they say in aviation, and never truer than now as we find ourselves living in troubling and stressful times, surrounded by uncertainty.  Topping these societal stressors is our industry which is so drastically and hugely affected by the turmoil of recent months and weeks, and now exacerbated by the […]

Social Isolation, Social Distancing and Loneliness during COVID-19

Whilst imperative in addressing the pandemic of COVID-19, social isolation and social distancing has given rise to the insidious epidemic of loneliness.  As aviators non-standard operations has become the norm since Social Isolation has forced us to disengage from normal day to day activities that we possibly took for granted.  Who of us have not longed for the days […]

Communicating with your Partner

These are anxious times: It’s okay not to have the answers but it’s crucial to talk about it. As the weeks of uncertainty roll on and the implications for aviation worsen, it may increasingly affect our relationships with those closest to us. How do we communicate with our partner? READ MORE HERE:  Communicating with your […]

Finances during COVID-19

We are now two months into the COVID19 pandemic and South African lockdown, which has closed down many industries for extended periods, disrupting people’s lives and livelihoods.  Salary cuts, unpaid leave and retrenchments have become part of life, and have forced many people to re-evaluate their financial positions. With tight restrictions on opening up the […]

Stay Resilient during COVID-19

As an aviator you may be going through a really challenging time currently. However, your resilience, learned from many hours of preparation and training, may just be the trigger that pulls you through the turmoil you might be experiencing at a time like this. Resilience is your unique ability to adapt well to change and […]

Mayday-SA turns 5 years old

ARTICLE FROM AFRICAN PILOT MAGAZINE 29 JANUARY 2019 On Saturday afternoon 1 December 2018, Mayday-SA hosted its annual end of year gathering to thank those people who have been a part of the “peer to peer” programme for the past year.  Held at the Commercial Aviation Association of Southern Africa’s Gear Down put, this was […]


We at Mayday-SA are delighted at the news that the EU has published new rules mandating operators to better support the mental fitness of aircrew.   Click here to read article: EASA New Rules

Rego Burger – 23 Nov 1961 – 06 Jun 2018

The Mayday-SA team was saddened to hear of the tragic passing of Rego, a friend and fellow peer.  Rego joined the peer team in 2013, and remained a valuable and skilled peer, always mindful of and available to his fellow aviators. He was always keen to offer support. We will miss him and the significant role he played.  He will always remain a part of […]

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