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Captain Adriaan Loedolff – 24 Nov 1972 – 24 Jan 2018

It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of Captain Adriaan Loedolff, a most valued member of the Mayday peer team and the driving force behind the Mayday Critical Incident Response Team.  His battle with cancer was fought with an equanimity that was an example to us all.  Tributes have been pouring in, […]

The Airlink Adrenalin Airshow 10-11 June 2017, Wonderboom Airport – Feedback by Kylee Burnett, MaydaySA Peer

I took the Springs Air Race into account when looking at ways to get MaydaySA out there between various role players within the aviation industry – I decided that the Adrenalin Airshow was the perfect platform to get this done. Not excluding the possibility of stepping into my MaydaySA peer role, should it have been […]

The Aeromedical Panel – June 2017

The Aeromedical Panel is a panel of medical experts in various fields, including but not limited to neurology, cardiology, ophthalmology, psychiatry, and other specialties. The panel is convened only once a month, as all these specialists have to take a day out of their calendars to be present at the meeting, where the cases are […]

Pilot Assistance Program 03/05/2017

IFALPA is committed to promoting an inclusive pilot assistance program, dedicated to the promotion of health, well-being, and professional performance for all airline pilots. It has been demonstrated that Pilot Assistance Programs are effective for dealing with a wide range of problems experienced by pilots. Member Associations (MAs) are strongly encouraged to establish these programs1 […]

Medical – what to do in the event of illness or accidents

Heaven forbid something terrible happens to you, like a serious illness or accident. But let’s face it, we all know a colleague that has had this fate befall him/her, and we give thanks that it wasn’t us. But what do we do if it does happen to us? Those of you who have sleeping difficulties […]


The April ruling of the Western Cape High Court “legalising” the use of marijuana was verywelcome in many circles of South African society, from the religious to the medical use to the private home user. Basically what it says is that you may grow your own, and consume it within the confines of your own […]

ADD SHOW 14-17 Sep 2016

African Aerospace and Defence (AAD) is the biggest international aerospace and defence showcase. It was held again this year during September, at the Waterkloof Airforce base. Mayday-SA hosted a breakfast on 15 September for almost 60 people. This breakfast was generously sponsored by CAASA. We were very fortunate to have Karl Jensen, a retired SAA test […]

Mayday-SA begins to fly…

Article written for ALPA-SA from Richard Greeff. Richard is a Mayday-SA Peer (June 2015) Click here to read source. ‘How wonderful it is to talk to somebody who understands what I am going through” “This is a long overdue and necessary intervention to discuss any incident” “A fantastic, enthusiastic group of volunteers ready to be […]


By: Wendy Santilhano South Africa’s general aviation accident and incident rate has averaged out at approximately 17 per month over the past 13 years. Approximately two per month on average were fatal, touching deeply at the hearts of so many sectors of our aviation family and beyond. After a fatal accident, the most common response […]

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