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Our Team

Wendy Santilhano

Professionally, a First Officer on the Airbus 340 at SAA.
Personally, Wendy believes that each person deserves to be listened to and supported, especially in a time when they may be struggling and need to regain their resilience.
In 2010 Wendy starter a project run by pilots for pilots, now known as Mayday-SA, which aims to provide support to any South African Aviation license holder who experiences a traumatic event or a time of crisis.
Currently she is busy with a Masters in Leadership and Coaching, and researching Peer Coaching Conversations and the role of Peer Support for supporting the Wellbeing of crew.
She loves to do ballroom dancing to relax and being in nature is where she is happiest.

Andre Kluyts

Andre Kluyts is the General Aviation Lead and Mentor at Mayday SA. He has been involved with Mayday SA since 2013. Andre has over 40 years’ experience in aviation and the engineering profession. He holds an ATP licence and Grade 2 instructor rating. He has retired after a successful engineering and senior management career at Sasol and is currently Chief Flying Instructor and Board member at Wits University Flying Ass. , Lanseria.

Anjenita Hugo

Anjenita Hugo is a specialised psychologist in private practice that specializes in trauma. Have always had an interest in aviation and flew paragliders for years. She is responsible for the training of Mayday-SA Peers in the support of others.

Anita Pieterse

ALPA SA (staff)

Brad Geddes

Brad Geddes is living the dream and helping others get there. First Officer at SAA and also involved in general aviation as an Instructor and DFE

Brandie Branders

SAAF Jan 1975 - Dec 1997. Harvard, Impala, C-185, DC-3, C160Z and C130B. Joined SAX Jan 1998. Started on the Dash8-300 and presently on the Q400.
Been busy with Human Factors since the early 80's and had the privilege to develop and present the SAAF CRM. Did some post graduate studies in this field.

Brenda Thomas

Married and mother of two children. Live in Bedfordview. Been involved with International Medical Assistance for past 20 years. Assisting Mayday-SA with administrative duties

Carl Bollweg

Carl qualified for his SAAF wings in 1983. His postings included 42 Squadron, CFS Dunnottor, 84 LAFS, 81 LAFS and 41 Squadron. In 1994 he joined Comair and in 2000 he moved to SAA where he currently serves as a Captain on the B737-800.
Since 1996 he served as chairman of the Human Performance Committee (HUPER) of ALPA-SA. Presently he is the Vice President of ALPA-SA as well as the IFALPA Regional Vice President of the AFI South Region.

Elizabeth Delport

Elisabeth Delport, Namibian by birth, lives in the beautiful town of Keurboomstrand. She has been working for Comair as a First Officer for the last 9 years.

Damon Brown
Damon Brown

Damon has been flying commercially since 2003. He is a father of 3 (2 German Shepherd's and a Toy French Poodle). Currently flying as a First Officer on 737's (which certainly beats working for a living) and an active instructor in GA.

Federica de’ Micheli

Mother of two, commercial pilot. Has been involved in aviation for the past 25 years working mainly for flying safaris all over Africa as well as flying contracts. P210, C208, B200. Theatre nurse by qualification. Her natural empathy has made her an enthusiastic member of MaydaySA since 2013. Federica is Mentor at Mayday SA and part of the executive committee.

Gerda Pienaar

Gerda has recently qualified as commercial pilot and flies mostly for pleasure. She is a criminologist and project manager by qualifications. Aviation is her passion

Hugh Ben-David

Hugh Ben-David loves to travel; enjoys the skies and has been airline flying for 25 years! His motto: If you will it, it is no dream!

Japie Horn

Japie Horn started flying 1972 in SAAF. Career ended after 23 years. Flew Harvards , Impalas, Dakotas, Shackletons.
Joined Comair 1995. Started on F27's and currently on the B737-4/8

Raymond Buissine

Raymond Buisinne is a Flight Instructor in general aviation and he describes himself as “a jack-of-all-trades, but a master of none!”

Koketso Ramokolo

Koketso Ramokolo was born in Hwelereng, Limpopo province. Currently living in Kempton Park, flies the A320 for SAA.
Koketso enjoys watching sport with friends, playing soccer and relaxing at home with his family. He has a great interest in Psychology and has recently completed his BA degree in Psychological Counselling. As a member of the Mayday SA peer team, he hope to be able to give a helping hand to his colleagues should they find themselves in stressful situations

Johan Erasmus

I am a Clinical Psychologist in private practice and holder of a CPL and Instructors rating. I am involved in Mayday SA in my professional capacity. I also serve on the Aviation Medical Committee at the SACAA.

Margie Viljoen

Margie Viljoen flies Boeing 737s for Comair, and has been involved with Critical Incident Response and Mayday since its inception

Kylee Burnett

Independent achiever –team player, Kylee embraces the versatility of both. Extrovert, enjoys people and communicates easily, yet diplomatic and reserved when required. Her interest in diverse disciplines allows her to successfully add value through the combined knowledge, skill, experience and education Kylee has invested in herself. Her objective is to remain competitively aligned in and to the aviation industry and beyond. Her motto “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that creates them” - Albert Einstein

Michael Port

Michael (aka Billy) Port - South African Air Force helicopter and aeroplane pilot/Instructor – His motto: ``When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it ” - Henry Ford – His message: “May Day South Africa is there to assist you in stormy conditions “

Megan Stevenson- du Rand:

Born and bred in the industry, Megan has been involved in the GA sector for 15 years. Originally a commercial pilot and instructor, she then went on to work in safety, human factors and CRM. She is passionate about the human side of aviation and the well-being of people in general. She is currently studying a BSc in Psychology and Physiology to further her ability to support the aviation community.

Dean Thomas - ON PAUSE

Dean Thomas pilot’ s career started straight out of school and has taken him on an adventurous journey through the world of aviation. Initially bush pilot in Namibia, and now flying his dream job for an airline at Comair. In 2010 he joined a special group of airline pilots who has a passion for pilot wellbeing on a first of many training courses. This passion has kept him involved up until now and he feels privileged to be one of the Directors of Mayday-Sa serving on the board. Combined with his role as a Crew Resource Management (CRM) Facilitator at Comair, Dean is able to make a difference in the human factors world, which plays a big role in pilots’ lives. He feels strongly that if Mayday-SA can even help one pilot get through a tough time or critical incident, the job is done.

Cornelius Bekker - ON PAUSE

Cornelius Bekker, 43 years old Husband to a Fine Wife, Father to an energetic daughter and amazing son, and have been in aviation since 1997. Cornelius ply the trade in the general aviation sector and is currently based out of Lanseria. Energetic and passionate about people, enjoys the pleasures that flying brings and the possibilities of its nature.

Stephen Roberts - ON PAUSE
Adriaan Loedolff

Adriaan Loedolff: Q400 Captain with SA Express & Critical Incident Response Coordinator for Mayday-SA. Also still active in general aviation as a flight instructor. He has been a Mayday peer since 2011. Adriaan's special focus is on supporting pilots that have been through an accident or serious incident

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