Written by admin on June 28, 2017 in MAYDAY-SA

I took the Springs Air Race into account when looking at ways to get MaydaySA out there between various role players within the aviation industry – I decided that the Adrenalin Airshow was the perfect platform to get this done.

Not excluding the possibility of stepping into my MaydaySA peer role, should it have been necessary. Some pics that serve as illustrations of my interactions with the various role players as an ambassador for MaydaySA.

Top left: Flitecare Air Charters, with Tavia  and SJ (one of my flight instructors at one stage)

Top middle:  The Rhino 911 Bell 407-GT (The only gunship in SA).  Very welcoming of MaydaySA.

Top right: pictured with Nicole (a flight instructor) at the Eagle Air stand. I train at this ATO from time-to-time.

The Airlink Adrenalin Airshow 2017 1


Bottom left: Chatting to a representative of Airlink, who did not know about MaydaySA at all.  I managed to leave x5 pamphlets with them.

Bottom middle: SAFOMAR AVIATION’S Group marketing manager, Ryan Rudman 0794978515, happily invited me to drop a lot of pamphlets at Grand Central at his offices.

Bottom right: I made my way to another stand, which I didn’t know existed until I passed by.  The name: Mission Aviation Fellowship.  Talking to a representative there was interesting since this lady mentioned that they were also an NPO and could not keep MaydaySA pamphlets on their table, until I explained the difference of our market offerings as NPO’s to which she was happy to display MaydaySA pamphlets and asked more on what we are about.


The Airlink Adrenalin Airshow 2017 2


Top left: Approached SACAA, making interesting conversation with their representatives and requested display of MaydaySA pamphlets, which was warmly welcomed.

Top right: Making conversation with a representative of a well-known supporter of MaydaySA and aviation insurance brand name.

Bottom-left: Pictured with Martin Jacobs, owner of Powered Flight (Helicopter Flight training), who is also allowing the use of his hangar for the eve of the  21st September 2017 for the SACAA & supporting partners “Safety-First” Campaign.

I also learned that “Learn-to-Fly”, situated at Wonderboom Airport, created awareness on their Facebook page for MaydaySA as an avid supporter for the cause of what MaydaySA is about. They have linked MaydaySA to their webpage.