Written by Margie Viljoen on November 23, 2020 in Uncategorized
The 2020/2021 theme of “Prop Clear”, ensuring that engines are ready for take-off, following the Covid-19 Lockdown. The underlying theme for the campaign is “Resilience”, focused on how we will adapt to the change and the “new normal” to ensure flight safety in preventing accidents.
As part of this third installment in the series of SFA webinars, Wynand Serfontein will be focusing on personal fatigue management and how fatigue impacts the daily decision-making process and impact the quality of the decisions we make. He will cover some strategies to manage personal fatigue to assist Aviation Safety. Ari Levien will share recent statistics from Mayday-SA that indicates how COVID-19 is currently impacting aviators and touching on how Mayday-SA can provide support in dealing with the stressful time that aviation is experiencing at present. Carl Bollweg looks forward to discussing the ALPA-SA proposal for amendment of part 121.02.13 which covers the Flight and Duty Period Scheme.